SimpleLogic Theme

If you are a website developer or digital agency in the Southeast, chances are you might have seen a WordPress theme named SimpleLogic.  That might be exactly how you found us!

We have been asked the following question numerous time: why do you use your own theme rather than use one of the amazing themes available in the marketplace?  The answer to that question is a fairly easy one: simplicity and stability.

A customer never expects the expensive website they paid for to crash and burn in a short period of time.  A WordPress “developer” understands that frequent updates is a sacred responsibility for all WordPress owners.

We decided to make all of our WordPress websites custom, so every theme is custom. In fact, we use the SimpleLogic theme even when we are doing a WordPress upgrade or clean-up project left a mess by another agency.

We have developed our own custom theme based on one of WordPress’s default themes for the following reasons:

  1.  It is a default WordPress theme.  If a customer wants to guarantee that their theme works with WordPress, it’s best to use a theme developed by WordPress.
  2. It is clean. Anyone who has ever downloaded a WordPress theme can attest to the fact that they come with a myriad of add-ons and functionality that will never be used.  WordPress’s default themes come with only the most essential components.
  3. It is easily customizable. A theme that comes with all of the bells and whistles is likely to conflict with something fairly quickly, primarily plugins or add-ons that are required for a fantastic working theme.  Websites that require extensive customization require extensive testing over the long haul, without requiring the developer to backtrack and reprogram the site.
  4. It is easier to manage long term. Although plugins from the marketplace are essential for some WordPress website functions, we prefer to develop our own plugins for specific us, and WordPress’s default themes are made for custom plugin compatibility.  This allows for long-term maintenance to be easily managed in the event that a core update is released for performance or security reasons.  A developer only has to deal once with a website crashing due to unsupported plugins to realize that the endless game of updating plugins can end fairly quickly, and catastrophically.

Do you need a hand with a complex WordPress development project?  Let us know.  We are here to help.