Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the most efficient way that you can advertise. Its cost effective because:

  1. You’re only advertising to people who are actively searching for your product or service, and
  2. You only pay for advertisements that incite a customer to take action such as website visit, call or complete a form

The challenge with SEM is that its a skill that’s learned, not taught. Google AdWords makes it very easy for a motivated business owner to dive in, set up their own campaign and before they know it, they’ve burned through a large budget without ever seeing any significant results. Search Engine Marketing is a science, but not one that can be taught in a school.

When you add to the equation questionable and expensive digtal agencies offering thes SEM services with up to a 55% management fee, many business owners just choose to avoid it altogether and miss their marketing objectives.

SimpleLogic Digital is different because we can provide the same services as the large digital agencies such as lead tracking, landing pages conversion optimization, etc. but we our process is simple and transparent. You always know what your are paying for and what your results are.

Ok, How does this work with SimpleLogic?

We’ll have a strategy meeting with you to learn about your business goals and objectives. There we will learn about your products and services, your target demographics and geography and discuss which products and services you want to market. After this discussion we will research your competition, what keyword bidding strategies will yield the best results and a budget to get you there.

Once a budget is agreed upon, we’ll get to work right away and set up your AdWords campaign. We’ll also begin monitoring the results after the first day to see if we need to make any modifications to our bidding strategy to maximize traffic and minimize your budget spend. We’ll send you a report on the first Monday of every month while your campaign is live to track your results.