SimpleLogic provides guaranteed SEO services with a money back guarantee.  If this sounds interesting you really need to keep reading!

First of All, How Should We be Viewing SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) accomplishes 1 main thing: bringing a website up higher in the organic (free) search engine listings based on the keyword(s) searched.

SEO is not directional advertising, even though many sales people falsely present it as a lead-generating program.  If your sales person promises that you are getting leads from an expensive SEO campaign have them prove it.  Most analytics programs will allow you to track a click on a search engine listing all the way to the point of sale on a website.  If your salesperson doesn’t have a valid response backed up by analytics and/or metrics, you are probably working with the wrong SEO company.

SEO is a long-term free branding opportunity.  When buyers are shopping for a product or service on the search engines, statistically (according to Google) they gravitate toward the paid advertising (SEM).  However, if a company has good search engine optimization on their website, and they also participate in SEM, their website conversions will see an overall lift.  One of the reasons is due to the psychological nature of SEO.  When a customer sees a paid ad, and also sees an organic listing below for the same company, the assumption is that “if the search engine sees the company as reputable they must be”.

Rather than looking at SEO as a lead generating program, consider it to be a research tool.  When customers are starting the buying process, they want information.  If your website contains relevant information, and it is ranked highly, you have just provided a valuable service to those buyers.  The content on your website just made your business a subject matter expert.  Add competitive pricing or value, and a distinct call to action, and you just made a potential sale out of a research project!

What About Google?

Contrary to popular belief, Google’s foundational rules for putting a website on the first page of search results have not changed in 12+ years. Google looks for 3 things: is the website giving results that are relevant, is the website popular (visited frequently) and is the content fresh?   Yahoo/Bing is not much different, although they make it easier to get relevant individual pages ranked higher through different tactics.  The main differences between the search engines are determined by what exactly they look at, and how they come to the conclusions of the content’s relevancy.

What’s Our Approach to SEO?

SimpleLogic takes a different approach to search engine optimization.  We want to know what your objectives are for participating so that we can put together a customized solution for your business.  The result is that our participating clients have strong organic presence and they are able to see a lift in their overall marketing efforts.

Guaranteed SEO is just one piece of your overall marketing strategy, but it is a necessary part.  Your business needs to present itself as credible, competent and comprehensive and if the search engines determine that you are, then most of your heavy lifting is done.

Because we take a very focused approach to SEO, your budget isn’t going to be wasted on anything arbitrary.  We get into the mechanics of optimizing your site and then we monitor and adjust when necessary.  As a result, our guaranteed SEO services are significantly less than industry pricing- with better results.

How We Can Help?

Are you unhappy with your current SEO service provider?  Let us take a look at your program- we excel at auditing existing marketing programs.  If we can do better we’ll give you a money-back guarantee on improved listing performance.

Are you in the process of building a website or doing a redesign? Now is the time for you to implement SEO best practices!  Once a search engine determines that your site is not relevant, any efforts to lift placement can be comprehensive and costly.

The optimization on our own website is focused on Greenville, SC and Louisville, KY since that is where our offices reside.

Contact us today if you would like to take your search engine optimization efforts to the next level.