Frequently Asked Questions

Why SimpleLogic?

We have simplified the digital marketing process for advertisers and agencies.  After strategizing with hundreds of businesses over 16 years, we found that over 90% of all advertising campaigns revolve around just a few simple questions:

  1.  Who is your customer (male, female, or both) and what is their income level?
  2.  Where is your customer located?
  3.  What are your customer’s interests and/or what are you selling?
  4.  What is your budget?

Once we have these questions answered, we are well on our way to making a product recommendation!

What is our advertising model?

Transparent – Strategic – Inexpensive.  We post some of our products pricing here on our website.  We do not require a multi-month contract.  Our rates include a range in order for us to service agencies and also customers with large budgets or frequency.

Who is your competition?

Hold on to your seats- we don’t really have any!  Here’s why:

  1. We run our ads on the same platform and/or networks that are used by national vendors (Gannett, SuperMedia, Tegna, YP, Scripps, ReachLocal, McClatchy, Yodle, etc.)  And yet…
  2. We work directly with our clients and agencies, not through multiple levels of vendors, management and sales people!  We want those savings to go directly to your campaign, not to their paychecks.  In fact, our pricing is on average 40% better than the “competition”!
  3. We do not offer any services other than web/digital.  Please don’t ask us why a particular radio ad isn’t generating leads, or how to recoup losses from a direct mail campaign.  We want to be the best at what we do.
  4. We have the ability to place a campaign live within 24-48 hours.  That’s like…7 days faster than the industry average!
  5. Our website development team can finish a website in as little as 1 week (with all of the appropriate materials provided by client).  Try that on for size!
  6. We have no minimum contract lengths.

The end result is that we offer the same services as the big companies, with better customer support, at the best price.  So long, competition!

Where will my ads be served? What types of ads can I run?

Ad campaigns executed through SimpleLogic will be served on premium ad networks including OpenX, Facebook, DoubleClick, Google Display Network, Yahoo, Appnexus, AOL & many more. Your ads will display on any website that accepts third party ads. SimpleLogic supports display, video, mobile & social media ad formats on desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

How do you make any money?

The same way everyone else does in our industry- the volume of ads we run determines the rates that we are given by our platform partners.  To be honest, it doesn’t make us a lot of money!  But we also develop fantastic websites for our customers and provide digital consulting to small, medium and large businesses all over the U.S.

Who is YOUR ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is a medium or large business owner who understands what advertising means to long term success and has a budget reflecting that focus.  Every product we offer serves the same purpose – generate exposure and increase ROI.

Our ideal reseller is typically a media company or agency that wants to impact their community by offering digital services, but the barriers of entry (pricing, knowledge, manpower, etc.) have prohibited them from doing so to this point.

Do you work with non-profits?

Absolutely!  In fact, we do something unique with our non-profit partners: we offer FREE coaching and training to their internal marketing team members.  Some digital agencies “specialize” in the non-profit sector because they can charge more for services while getting fewer questions.  We choose to donate our time and expertise to non-profits so that they can provide a better service to their community.

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