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Nike Actually Did the Right Thing For all the naysayers out there who think that Nike dropped the ball with the Kaepernick campaign, just check out Nike’s stock price in recent weeks. Don’t get me wrong- I’m not talking about anything that is sports, law enforcement, patriotism or social justice related. I’m specifically referring to Nike’s ability to engage an ideal, […]

You Paid HOW Much for your Mobile and Display Advertising?!

kurs tańca poznań dla singli We might not say it out loud, but we certainly think it.  Many businesses pay WAY  too much for their display advertising.  To make things worse, they typically don’t even know exactly what they are getting and how it is really performing. Small and Medium sized businesses owners are stuck between a rock and a […]

Old Media: From Death to Life

Over the years we have had numerous customers ask us, “Why should I spend money on old media?”  They didn’t exactly use the term “old media”, but the question always revolved around print (phone book, magazine, newspaper), television, radio, direct mail or billboard. The mainstream media is quick to inform us that consumers are stampeding […]