You Paid HOW Much for your Mobile and Display Advertising?!

We might not say it out loud, but we certainly think it.  Many businesses pay WAY  too much for their display advertising.  To make things worse, they typically don’t even know exactly what they are getting and how it is really performing. Small and Medium sized businesses owners are stuck between a rock and a hard place.  They know how … Read More

Phone Book ROI- Can You Actually Calculate Your Cost Per Lead?

We have had a lot of customers ask us how we are able to figure out the cost per lead (CPL) for a client’s phone book advertising.  The math is simple- the monthly budget divided by the number of calls/leads equals the cost per lead.  The equation looks like this: Monthly Budget / Monthly Leads = Cost Per Leads Shouldn’t … Read More

All-in with OwnLocal

For those people who have or need a bookie, the opportunity to win the big bet is enticing no matter what the odds are.  OwnLocal, a digital company based in Austin, TX, is one of those bets- placed by the every-shrinking newspaper industry.  They have designed a program primarily for newspapers that can completely transform them into local digital agencies.  … Read More

Tomando el toro de IP Targeting

Tomando el toro de IP Targeting Taking the el toro (bull) out of IP Targeting IP Targeting display advertising over simplified: looking at the online behavior of a particular IP address, defining the probable location of that IP address (preferably a home), matching that IP address and other hyperlocal IP addresses with a 3rd party database of personal information including … Read More