Agency Development

Link 360-2Project: Link 360

SimpleLogic specializes in the development of small agencies, and Link360 was one of those projects. When SimpleLogic began working with Link360 they had just gone through a rebrand, their vendors were expensive and providing subpar work and the agency’s own website was not up to industry standards. The result was that their sales pipeline was empty and their sales reps were struggling.

SimpleLogic took a comprehensive approach to helping this agency by doing a few things to address the fundamental issues first:

  • Completely rebuilt their website for them at our cost, bringing the design elements up to date and providing a better user experience
  • Created a strategic plan for promoting the agency owner throughout the area in order to separate her from her previous business and solidify her reputation as a legitimate agency
  • Streamlined and expanded their digital product offerings, creating a product list that compared with much larger agencies yet with a much lower pricing model
  • Connected them with other regional agencies who could collaborate on projects and fill in missing pieces (design, social, creative)
  • Partnered the agency with nonprofit events and sponsorships that would help to develop better community relationships
  • Coached and trained their inside and outside sales staff on all of their advertising products
  • Took the lead with their sales staff on customer appointments
  • Generated sales decks, proposals and product visuals to showcase new professional services and presence
  • Assisted them in finding a business segment that could be ideal clients for their services and developed messaging and strategy focused on capturing that audience

The result of our investment in this agency led to a sales pipeline with over $300k in proposals and several signed contracts within 3 months, with many smaller accounts closing in the interim.