What is Our Story?

We are expert website developers by trade. We decided to create a separate digital display division after years of building and optimizing fantastic websites for our clients, and then seeing them contract with impersonal, inefficient and costly digital marketing agencies.

The SimpleLogic team’s digital advertising experience spans 16+ years, and includes the running of numerous types of advertising campaigns for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.  When we first started, Overture was the big search engine and Commission Junction was the go-to solution for display advertising.  How times have changed!  Some of our clients have included:


We decided to take our digital marketing program a few steps further than everyone else:

  1. Make the essential digital display products available to small businesses and agencies without the onus of a large budget minimum and an extended contract.
  2. Provide expert customer service, and complete transparency in the reporting.
  3. Make the pricing more competitive than the offerings in the marketplace.


What Sets Us Apart?

Pricing. We intentionally priced our products to be more competitive than every other company offering these services to small businesses and agencies. This allows a business to make the best use of their budget, and allows a small agency the ability to resell digital products at a near-wholesale rate.

Timeliness. Our ad buys are Programmatic, which means our platform is communicating with our partner sites in real time. No reservations of inventory necessary! We also have a 2 business day process from the time payment is completed to the time the ads are live.

Convenience. Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel! Most consumers fall into distinct groups of people, so we can place the majority of ads for our customers with an answer to a few simple questions:

  • Who is your customer, and what is their age and income level? (Men, Women, or Both)
  • Where is your customer located? (National, Regional, State, City, or Zip Code)
  • What are your customer’s interests and/or what are you selling?

Customization. For those businesses that have advanced needs in their digital marketing plans, we offer sophisticated tracking abilities for no additional cost!

  • Do you need to track your potential customers as they visit different websites? Great!
  • Is your goal to target people who have done searches for similar products on the major search engines? No problem!
  • Are you focused on branding to people who are currently engaged with a competitor? (conquesting) Awesome!

Troubleshooting. We do not place any ads for a client until their program has been fully vetted for relevant content, best practices and industry standards. Everyone loses if a customer’s budget is spent on a faulty campaign!

Freedom. We do not require contracts with our clients, unless their objective is to get a more competitive pricing plan. What you see posted on our website is what you get!

It only takes 5 minutes for you to change your business forever. We can help you!

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